14 January – prep day

By 7:00am this morning I was already hooked up to an ECG machine while the tech did an ultrasound of my heart. I’m getting used to carting around my ridiculously awkward IV pole because it has to go wherever I go while I’m being pumped full of fluids.

My blood cell counts dropped below the median limit again so I’m now also receiving a unit of blood, which will take something on the order of three hours to empty completely into my bloodstream. I’m fighting sleepiness too, due probably to the Benadryl that I was given earlier this morning. Holy crap, what a load of pills! The worst to swallow was this massive potassium caplet, which I swear was about the size of my pinky finger from the tip of the nail down to the first knuckle. GAH.

I’ve had a total of two units of blood today. I certainly feel stronger but still so, so sleepy. Stupid Benadryl. I made three laps around the eighth floor hallways earlier this afternoon and will try to do one extra lap every day I’m here. I have NO idea how sick the chemo will make me but I hope the anti-nausea drugs are effective. I do so hate to throw up.

And now we wait…