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  • 30 January

    GRATITUDES:1. More college acceptance letters2. No more PICC line in my arm!3. Senses of taste and smell still intact (more on that later) Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially caught my first cold/flu/who-the-hell-knows in three years. So far it hasn’t hit me hard, just a nasty sore throat for about 1 1/2 days and now […]

  • 19 January

    GRATITUDES:1. A beautiful sunrise (and being up early enough to see it)2. My kid being accepted to five out of the nine art colleges they’ve applied to3. Good food and good coffee🥰 I was up and on the road to the clinic this morning by 6:45am and STILL ran into traffic. The sky was beautiful […]

  • 12 January

    GRATITUDES:1. No traffic on the highway this morning2. My still-affectionate 17-year-old daughter3. A husband who can ALWAYS make me laugh4. My kid’s passion for what they feel is right Another Thursday, another day in the transplant clinic’s waiting room. I drove myself into San Antonio this morning without accompaniment, a first for me since before […]

  • 5 January, 2023

    GRATITUDES:1. The college acceptance letters are beginning to trickle in for both of my bobbleheads2. I’ve been fully cleared to drive again3. It’s a beautiful day That’s the first time I’ve written “2023”. It feels weird. This is the year that my kids graduate from high school. Back when the critters were enrolled in preschool, […]

  • 29 December

    GRATITUDES:1. My bone marrow biopsy is over2. I’m once again hungry3. Warmer weather at last4. Rory has just run to get me coffee❤️ It’s been nearly 100 days since the transplant and I’m being put through a series of tests to see how my new blood supply is doing. One of the doctors at the […]

  • 21 December

    GRATITUDES:Most of the gifts are wrappedThe Big Day’s menu has been planned, for the most partIt looks like my outstanding ambulance bill may finally be dealt withContinued incremental improvements in my health I wrapped three more gifts for the critters today and I only have two more to do, unless the items I ordered from […]

  • 12 December

    GRATITUDES:1. My first sip of Laphroaig in almost three months2. My returning health3. Christmas preparations4. My cherished little star lights hanging above my kitchen sink, along with my red chili baubles Yes, I know. As my mother-in-law is so fond of reminding me, I haven’t written a post since late October. In my defense, fully […]

  • 22 October (day +23)

    GRATITUDES:1. I’m still alive2. I’m finally home3. My cell counts aren’t crap Yep, it’s been quite a while since I posted an update. The blog went dark while I put my head down and baby-stepped my way through some of the worst physical discomfort I’ve ever felt in my life. I had to focus on […]

  • 10 October (day +11)

    GRATITUDES:1. My nurses2. A good wi-fi connection3. Watching the dawn from my hospital window Bluuuurgh… I’m getting very, VERY tired of the hospital grind: the constant nightly wake-ups, the less than great food, the bone-dry filtered air in my room, logging in every milliliter of water, either consumed or excreted, the crushing boredom… This has […]

  • 7 October (day +8)

    GRATITUDES:1. Being alive2. An end to my fevers3. My medical team at the hospital It’s been a week since I last posted, a week filled with challenges. My transplant day was relatively uneventful, but beginning last Saturday, I began to feel horrible. My energy level was completely sapped, I had nasty and constant lower abdominal […]