16 January – 2nd day of chemo

It’s early in the morning and I feel more or less okay, if a bit shaky. I had a pretty good night’s rest and no further adverse reactions from the first drug. Today I’m scheduled to receive two thirty-minute treatments spaced 12 hours apart, with the first one beginning at 10am. The drug I’ll be receiving will most likely make me nauseous, which doesn’t thrill me in the slightest, but there are anti-nausea medications that can help with that. I just hope I can alert the nurse fast enough before I start puking!

Holy crap. I’m going to be a walking pharmacopeia.

My anxiety levels have dropped somewhat after yesterday’s first go-around. I think I can handle this.

Welp, it’s 1:00pm and I had the first round of today’s chemo treatments a couple of hours ago. Not much to report other than a vague feeling of stuffiness in my tummy. Have to drink more water though, because these drugs can be highly unkind to the kidneys and kidney failure is NOT what I’m going for. My oncologist just came by and he seems very upbeat and positive with my progress so far.

4pm and all is well, considering I’m in a hospital and not allowed to use the bathroom without alerting a nurse immediately afterward. Seriously. They’re measuring my pee. I know why, and I can certainly appreciate the concern (c’mon, kidneys!), but it removes a great big barrier of dignity and that stuff is hard enough to come by in a hospital without this thrown into the mix. Relax and breathe, Robin, nurses live for bodily functions… O_o

The second round of chemo for the day started at around 9:30 tonight. My nurse, Stacy, is awesome. We were regularly blurting out the exact same comment at the exact same time and ended up laughing. She’s been a nurse for I don’t know how long and knows the ropes. Still not much change on the stomach upset front, though I went to bed with a barf bag handy should I need it.