22 January – day #3, post-chemo

Things I’m grateful for:

1. That this ordeal will eventually pass.

2. My girls laughing and joking with me via FaceTime every night. Omg, I love those little twirps so much.

3. My body’s continued relative strength, despite the rigors of medical treatment it’s undergone.

I’ve officially gone for more than 24 hours without any anti-nausea medication and it may be catching up with me a bit. It feels a bit like morning sickness – sort of an unsettled sensation in my tummy that can be helped with a bit of water or saltine crackers. Maybe too, my body just needs food. Breakfast should be here before too long and I hope to be able to enjoy that.

Tummy feels a bit better with a little food. I haven’t seen my nurse since early this morning during shift change and my meds are due. This is the third straight day that I’ve had this nurse and I must say, I’m getting a bit tired of it. He’s nice enough but he seems quite forgetful, which is a quality that I’m really not looking for in a nurse in an oncology ward.

I’ve been freed from the tyranny of the IV pole! No more schlepping that nightmare around every time I have to visit the loo. I went for my walkies this afternoon almost at speed for a nice change. I even did a short Naruto run after making sure that no nurses were watching. I don’t want to be carted off to the psych ward!

I attacked my dinner. Roast beef sandwich with soup. The soup was nothing to write home about but I was nearly snarling over the sandwich. Now I sit and await my nightly allotment of meds before heading to bed. I hope I can get through the night tonight without having to get up every couple of hours to pee. That just gets old.