23 January – day #4, post-chemo

Things I’m grateful for:

1. The fact that our home is situated within fairly easy walking distance of Comal Springs, a natural spring that comes bubbling cool and clear from the ground and forms our little Comal River. Just sitting and listening to all that beautiful water rushing from the earth is magic.

2.Modern medical technology. This whole treatment process, though sometimes grueling, is truly amazing. Everything, every prescribed drug, every procedure, is carefully timed in order to bring about the best possible outcome.

3. Our kitties, litter mates Tesla, Edison and Amy. Tesla is our big chunk-boy, square muzzled, lazy and a lover of blankets. Edison is hopelessly devoted to Leyna and has to be near her always. My little Amy, the smallest and the only female, is my little black and white shadow. All three are total lap cats.

Another day of waiting and not doing much of anything other than wasting time on the iPad and reading books. Yesterday I was told that my white blood cell count was dropping and that I might shortly begin to feel a bit weak. Well, today I definitely feel more shaky than usual but it really isn’t too bad at the moment. We’ll see how the day goes. If I’m still wobbly by this afternoon I may just skip my walkies or cut them back to fewer laps around the ward.

My neighbor Amy brought me some wonderful soup this morning that I lapped right up. Delicious and home-cooked, soooo much better than hospital food!

Omg, the little lady who comes in to clean my room each day is just too stinkin’ adorable. Her name is Thelma, I think she might be Filipina, and she always greets me with a sweet little sing-song “Hello, Miss Robin!” We chat every time she’s in my room and I want to take her home and keep her. Her family might object to that though. 😉

Bbluuurrggh… massive food coma. I just had dinner, a much more substantial meal than I’ve had in days. Turkey with gravy, sweet potato mash and green beans. The beans were overcooked (of course) but I still fell on the meal like a ravenous beast. Now I’m lying here in my hospital bed with my stomach lying next to me. *BURP* I have no idea how I’m going to stay awake long enough for Dr. Santiago to make his rounds. He’s a late bird and doesn’t usually show until at least 6pm. Last night he came by at 7 and one night last week he didn’t get by until nearly 9pm.

Looks like I’ll be having a procedure tomorrow. A bit of my spinal fluid will be taken for analysis. If cancer cells are present in the fluid, a bit of chemo will be injected into the spinal column in order to kill the murderous little bastards. I’ll need to lie flat on my back for several hours afterward with my feet slightly elevated. This should be interesting.