29 January

Had my bone marrow biopsy this morning at 10:15. I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink ANYTHING after midnight so when the procedure was finished and a nurse handed me a cup of ice water, I chugged it down and then was looking for more.

Today seems to be going a little better. Still no real appetite but I had my first taste of Ensure at lunch. Umm… It’s a bit thick and HAS to be cut with ice in order to be drinkable. I didn’t find the flavor too objectionable (what’s not to like about chocolate?) but it might be better worked into some sort of smoothie. When I get home I can try this.

Oh, did I say HOME?!? Why yes. Yes I did. Once my blood cell counts begin to recover, probably by around day 18-21 of this cycle, they’ll let me come home for a week or so. I. Can’t. WAIT!!!!!