Visiting again…

Rory here.

We didn’t come down here last Sunday. The girls began to feel poorly, and we didn’t want to risk infection.

But we’re back down today. Robin had a rough week, the she’s recovering from the drugs and doing all the things she’s supposed to do.

In spite of that, she got a strep infection, and she’s been running fevers for the last couple of days. They’ve had to go back to putting her on a drip for fluids, and they’re giving her antibiotics and antivirals now.

She’s also just tired of being locked in a hospital room. She told me she had terrible feverish dreams last night, probably because she’s trapped in a small place with limited stimulation.

She gets headaches when she spends too much time on the screen, so that’s why you haven’t been hearing from her.

Our neighbor made her some bone broth, and we brought it down to her. Robin really appreciated it. It’s hard for her to eat because of the sores in her mouth, and her taste sensitivity.

So all of that sounds bad, I know. But it’s to be expected, and honestly I see some progress her. With any luck she’s going to feel better and will be able to update the blog again soon.

Right now we’re going to take her for a walk. Be right back.

We’re back!