A little better today…

Robin had been having nightmares which made it difficult to sleep. The intern told her that’s a thing, and it’s probably the result of being cooped up in her room too long.

So yesterday we made her get up and walk, and we also suggested she watch some TV (she doesn’t watch much).

She did get out a little more, and had a better night, so mission accomplished. Little things.

Her hair is coming out and it’s annoying her, so the clippers came out.

Duh duh duh.

Girl A has been strangely excited to see Shaolin Mom.

So we settled down to work.

The reveal.
Personally I don’t care for the beanie

I brought her a fez, but she refused it. I don’t understand that, because Fez’s are cool.

We’re happy to see her getting around better today.