Well, Hello There!

Rory again, here to clear up your worries. ‘Cause that’s what I do.

The worry I hear most is how am I doing, or how are the girls doing. We’re fine.

I’m not just saying that.

We really are doing well. This treatment is going to take a long time: about 18 months. Yes, a year and a half. We started in January, so our new normal is going to last until 2021.

The most important thing we (meaning the girls and I) need to do is to find that new normal, and we are. We have a good routine. Everyone is getting where they need to be. Work is getting done. Grades are being maintained. Complaints are being registered about stupid people at school. Expect to see movie night this summer. We still walk downtown on weekends. We’re making our new normal.

We need to do that, because just waiting for Robin’s treatment to be done isn’t an option. Not for a year and a half. We have to figure out how to stand on our own during this period, both to keep ourselves happy and so we can better support Robin.

I know I sound unreasonably positive during this period. Again, it’s my role. I need to be positive for the girls, for Robin, and frankly for myself.

I’m not putting on a false face. I am truly positive about the outcome. We have grown, the girls have impressed me, Robin has impressed me, even I have exceeded my expectations. We’re doing well. All of us.

I truly appreciate all the offers of help I’ve received. It’s heartwarming. We appreciate it, and it makes us feel good that you care enough about Robin and us.

Thank you!