7 February – second full day of break

Things I’m grateful for:

1. All the friends and family members who have sent well wishes and prayers. You’re all a huge blessing! ❤️

2. The ability to sit in the sun on a beautiful afternoon, chatting with friends.

3. Ice cream. Particularly our favorite little downtown haunt, Scoop Street.

Can’t type now. Eating. NOM NOM NOM.

I fixed myself what I would normally consider a gargantuan breakfast this morning. Scrambled eggs and avocado toast. Ooooh, dearie me, it was tasty. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish it but I persevered. 😄

We were sent a wonderful gift package from a mystery person (I have my suspicions though) that contained beautiful traditionally made croissants, packed frozen. We defrosted them over night and then I baked the fat little dough babies this morning early, before the girls had to leave for school. They were WONDERFUL, gorgeous brown crispy/flaky on the outside and tender and chewy on the inside. We still have a few left but they won’t last.

My friend Bonnie, a fellow cancer warrior, came over today and we had a bit of lunch (including croissants, of course) and then adjourned to the back deck to soak in the gorgeous day. Butterflies flittered about us and one little lady landed right in front of me and fanned her lovely wings. Pretty little show off.❤️ Our neighbor Gregg was out in his backyard and waved so we went and visited with him for a bit. I love Gregg and Amy! They’re the best possible neighbors.

It’s funny how in the last couple of days, my thoughts (and posts) have become almost obsessively about food. I guess that’s where my head’s at, though, because I have only a little more time before I’m once again subjected to the appalling fare offered at the hospital. I guess my body is responding to that and is acting accordingly. I weighed myself this morning on our digital home scale – 136 lb. A few weeks before I began this journey I weighed 150. That’s a 14 lb. drop in two months and that scares me. I really, really, REALLY don’t want to be skeletal by the time the treatments are done and I can already notice a hollow look in my shoulders and upper torso. I almost wish I had been a good deal heavier at the start of all this so I could at least draw on some fat reserves. If I lose another 20 pounds I’ll look like an x-ray!😱