8 February – third full day of break

Didn’t have a great night last night. My bladder just won’t let me rest for more than two hours before sounding the alarm and that makes for a VERY broken night’s rest. Still, being in my own bed, snuggled up in my own fluffy down blanket, is infinitely preferable to the cold institutional feel of the hospital. Honestly, is there such a thing as a comfortable hospital bed? Or the blankets. Those are ridiculous. My soft snuggly blanket is definitely coming with me back to the hospital because it’s the only thing that makes the bed bearable.

Not sure what’s on the docket for today but I think at some point I’m going to drive into Selma to the Bed, Bath and Beyond to look for a small Brita filter pitcher. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I was struck by the taste of the water from our pitcher after coming home. In the hospital I was given bottled water, which just made me cringe. The plastic waste that an average hospital generates each day would truly shock you. Beyond that, though, the taste of that bottled stuff was weird. It left an odd, cloyingly sweet aftertaste on the back of my tongue that I couldn’t stand and as a result, I had a hard time staying hydrated. Ice improved matters but not entirely. The water from our filter pitcher, in stark contrast, tastes neutral and clean. The one drawback is that the pitchers aren’t calibrated with ounce/milliliter marks and I think I may receive some pushback from the hospital for that. Every bit of liquid I consume is closely monitored, as is my “output”. However, if I can add my own slightly less accurate calibration marks to the pitcher (measuring cups and a Sharpie, anyone?), I think I can get this past the nurses. If not, then I may have a bit of a fight on my hands.

Our friends Terry and Anita Dolliver came over this afternoon and we had quite a nice visit. I adore Anita and wish we could find a way to get together more often. I think this is one of many things that will need to change after my treatments end. Making more time for myself and the things I wish to do has always taken a back seat to the daily grind.

Rory fixed a VERY yummy dinner of angel hair pasta with meat sauce and steamed green beans. I made a total pig of myself with the beans. I’m once again craving greens and I should probably follow my body’s lead on this one. A big plate of sautéed spinach or stir-fried Chinese greens would go down pretty nice.😊