11 February – round #2, 1st day of chemo

So it looks like I’ll be given only two different types of chemotherapy drugs for this latest round. They’re nasty buggers though. The first one can cause kidney and bladder damage and the second can cause blurred vision and is a neurotoxin. Great, right? EEEP. I’m already tanking up on water and I’ve been given anti-nausea meds, both by mouth and through the IV.

Today was slow and not much happened. I fought sleepiness all day, maybe because of my broken night last night. I ate as much as I could, with a decent breakfast and large-ish lunch and dinner. My tummy is beginning to feel all distended and bloated again, no doubt due to the increased fluid intake via mouth and IV. I know I’m going to be up all night peeing so I may just sleep through the day tomorrow. The chemo drip I’m on now will last another 20 hours anyway and I won’t be able to detach to shower, so I may as well make the most of it by snoozing.

Wow, short post for today. Just not very much to report. Right now I’m still feeling pretty good, if a little sleepy and bloated. My legs haven’t yet begun to swell and that’s always a good thing. The swelling in my right armpit from the first PICC catheter has gone down, in fact it’s nearly gone. Another small victory! 😄 Time to floss my teeth and toddle off to bed to snooze for as long as I can before the midnight vampires crawl out of the shadows for blood samples!