13 February, round #2, 3rd day of chemo

Things I’m grateful for:

1. Waking up to a beautiful clear morning after days of gloom and actually having the sun stream through my hospital windows.

2. My new water filter pitcher. Beats the heck out of the bottled water I was being given here at the hospital and I no longer have to fret about throwing away all that plastic. Or supporting Nestle, seriously one of the most evil companies on the planet.

3. Birdsong. I miss it so much. Being at home for a few days and listening to the cardinals, woodpeckers and other little flittery babies did my heart good.

Wow, this round of chemo is charging ahead faster than the first round but I’ve a feeling the recovery time may be longer. These drugs I’m being given are incredibly toxic and the possible side effects are pretty nasty. Thankfully, so far I’ve experienced none of them, but I’m also slamming my water and diligently using my eye drops. I had a decent breakfast (by hospital standards, anyway) and now I’m just sitting in bed with my iPad, enjoying all the sun pouring in and waiting for Rory to arrive. His work schedule today is wonky and weird and he’s actually going to be working from home tonight from 11pm to 7am, so he’ll essentially be pulling a double shift. Today, though, he’ll really just be checking Slack and responding to texts, so he feels he’ll have enough time to visit. YAY!❤️

Rory just left, after a quiet 90 minute visit. He had to work while here so we mostly just hung out together in seats by the window in the sun. Two big lazy kitties enjoying their sunbeam and each other’s company. He did bring goodies, though, that had been given to me by one of his co-workers, so we nibbled on tasty Belgian ginger cookies and chocolate truffles.

Something is wrong with the thermostat in my room. I’ve had the temp set to 74 degrees and the room will begin to warm up but then the temp will plunge down into the mid-60s for no apparent reason. I’ll turn the thermostat up by two degrees and the same thing will happen: The heat will kick on for a bit, the room will become almost comfortable, and then the temp will once again drop. I’m completely mystified, not to mention cold! I may need to have Rory bring a second blanket from home this weekend.

Ugh, waiting for my nightly meds is torture. I so desperately want to sleep but I know I’m going to have to whark down a small fistful of pills and it really isn’t worth it to do all my oral care first because of the applesauce I need to get the pills down. Blurgh…😑