17 February, round #2

After the near-fainting incident yesterday, today turned out to be very low-key. I stayed in bed for much of the day and read, watched movies and slept. At one point the doctor came in, waking me out of what must’ve been a sound sleep because it took me a while to become coherent and the doc stood there with a slight frown and asked if I was okay. Well, yeah, you dipstick, I’m okay but you just woke me up. How am I supposed to feel? 🙄 There was more explanation of treatment and I hope I understood her clearly, because it now appears that once my blood cell counts recover (aided by a medication called Granix), especially my white blood cells, I can be released back into the wild. I’m assuming that Dr. Santiago has me on a monthly chemo cycle, so if I do get to go home, it may be for as long as two weeks! I wouldn’t know what to do with myself with that amount of time but I’m sure I’ll think of something. I’ll probably eat myself into a stupor again. 😄