18 February, round #2

This is amazing. I actually SLEPT last night, getting up only twice to visit the loo. I was still snoozing at shift change this morning at 7am. This is unheard-of. I must’ve been completely knackered because not even the midnight and 4am interruptions for blood labs and vitals did much to put a dent in my ability to sleep. What bliss… You never realize just how important a good night’s rest is for your body until you’re deprived of it on a consistent basis.

The day was a pretty good one overall. I once again had some trouble taking my shower but I threw my pride out the window and finally made use of the built-in shower seat. I’ve been resisting using that thing because for some reason I immediately think, “shower seat = complete invalid”. Well, using the damn seat is far more preferable to passing out in the shower stall. My energy levels are NOT what they were and I can’t stay vertical for long before I begin to feel woozy. I can certainly walk as long as I take it slowly but I’m not going to be setting any land speed records.

So Occupational Therapy dropped in this afternoon. I think they’re going to be putting me on a kind of gentle workout schedule that will help to maintain and maybe even build my strength levels. I’m okay with this. I really don’t want to weaken to the point that I can no longer get around by myself, that would be dreadful. During my walkies around the unit floor I pass by the doors to other patients’ rooms that are marked with either yellow or red signs that indicate the occupant’s mobility status. My door is currently marked with a green sign, “fully independent”. I intend to keep it that way.

The day was passed mostly by watching movies and reading, with breaks for my shower and walkies. I ate nearly everything that was set in front of me and gladly drank my three rations of Ensure. Calories, calories, calories… I need them desperately, especially now that my metabolism has been hijacked by the chemo drugs and set on overdrive.