19 February, round #2

I had another good night’s sleep! I’ve been seeing small daily improvements in my overall stamina and I’m incredibly grateful for this. I must have bottomed out earlier this cycle than in the first and I wasn’t expecting it so soon, but now it seems that I’ve turned a corner and my strength is slowly returning. I was visited by a physical therapist who went over some energy-saving strategies, most of which I’ve already implemented in my “new normal” daily routine, and she basically said that I was doing everything right and to keep up the good work. Awesome!

Another day of waiting for my blood cell counts to do what they’re supposed to do, which at this point is to start recovering. They’re still dropping though, which makes me just a bit anxious. My window of opportunity for a longer stay at home hasn’t begun swinging shut yet but it will be good to hear what Dr. Santiago thinks when he comes in tomorrow night.