20 February, round #2

I wanted to strangle the person in the next room last night. She and her friends were talking and laughing loudly until 11pm and I seriously thought about either calling the charge nurse or marching over there myself and asking them (nicely, of course) to shut the hell up. I have NO idea when visiting hours are or if they’re even enforced but I sort of doubt it. I hope there isn’t a repeat performance tonight. I don’t want to be angry with the woman – I heard her sobbing when she first moved into the room a couple nights ago and I’m glad she has friends who can help lift her spirits. But maybe keep the festivities a little quieter?? Just a thought…

So, it turns out that the doctor who dangled that tantalizing “going home” carrot probably spoke too soon. Dr. Santiago said tonight that the cycle between the beginning of chemo and cell counts rebounding is usually around 21 days, with the full cycle being 28 days.. I’m currently on day 10 of the full cycle. I hope I won’t have to stay here for another 10 days but we’ll have to see how my body recovers from this round. I was severely depleted at the start of the first cycle so it doesn’t really surprise me that I developed a strep infection and a fever, but I sincerely hope that the same won’t happen this time around. I need to get home and spend some time with my girls and my hubbie.

Not a bad day all told. I ate, I did my walkies (and felt a lot stronger and far less winded), I watched a couple films and another episode of The Crown, I finished The Wind in the Willows, and I kept boredom at bay in general. Small victories, but I’ll take them.😊