21 February, round #2

My nose began to bleed yesterday. This sounds far more drastic than it really is, but apparently this is a common side effect of chemo and low platelets. For a while the cartilage area at the end of my nose ached almost as though someone had smacked me in the face and every time I blew my nose there was carnage, although thankfully I didn’t actually experience blood flowing freely from my nose. That would’ve completely freaked me out, I think. I’m very, VERY careful now to dab gently and not blow too hard and both the pain and the blood have lessened considerably. Yet another weird adjustment to make in my new normal.

I spent much of the day either in my recliner soaking up the sun or in bed. I didn’t sleep very well the night before and I really didn’t feel like doing much of anything. My blood cell counts continue to drop and that may at least partly explain my listlessness.

Not much more to report. I’m once again in waiting mode until my counts begin to recover. Then I can think more seriously about going home!