22 February, round #2

Ugh. Damn low platelets. One of my nurses last night said that my left eye was really red, that she could clearly see it even in the low light of the room. I didn’t think much of it but told her I’d check it out in the bathroom mirror. Holy crap… it looks like a small blood vessel has burst in my eye! The cornea is completely red on the outside from the lash line to the iris and looks quite alarming. There is some discomfort but it isn’t bad, just sort of a mild scratchy feeling and increased watering of that eye. It looks great, just great…🙄

So now I’m being given platelets. This will help with the weird bleeding issues I’ve been having lately but it’s obnoxious-looking stuff – a small bag of ochre-colored sludge.

Rory and Lauren are coming to visit this afternoon – YAY. Leyna will be at the high school all afternoon with her theater tech group so I won’t get to see her, which makes me sad. I probably won’t see her again in the flesh until I go home. The high school theater troupe is getting ready for a big performance right after spring break and it’s all hands on deck for rehearsals and set decoration/set-up/breakdown. The ironic thing about this is that, technically, freshmen aren’t allowed to be in Theater Tech. They get no credit at all for the massive amount of hours they put in. Leyna and her friends are doing this because the theater group is short-handed and needs all the help it can get. I’m not sure I’m keen on this arrangement.

More hurry-up-and-wait. My cell counts have bottomed out and have s-l-o-w-l-y begun to climb again. Yesterday my white cell count was 0.1 and this morning it’s 0.4. Not a huge difference but at least the recovery seems to have begun. I’m hoping to be out of here in another week. I HAVE to be home by Tuesday the 3rd because that’s Texas Primary day and I HAVE to vote!!!