1 March – second break

I fired up my juicer this morning and made Nectar of the Gods, aka carrot-apple-beet juice. It’s really almost more of a pain than it’s worth to do this but I was craving the sweet earthy taste of this stuff and I had all the ingredients handy. I sometimes wish that I’d bought a different kind of juicer, one that ejects all the pulp into a separate bin, because the unit I have is a centrifugal juicer that flings all the pulp into an interior cylindrical basket with fine metal mesh sides. This basket is virtually impossible to clean unless a filter paper is used, and if I use a filter then I’m basically denying myself the added fiber and nutrients contained in the pulp. Oh well… the juice is still pretty darn tasty, and such a beautiful color!

It’s been another low-key sort of day. We went out for lunch again at Panera Bread and I wolfed down my soup and salad combo, then on the way home we stopped at our local boba tea shop so Leyna could get her boba tea fix. I thought about possibly getting a Thai iced tea for myself but couldn’t quite escape the warm comfy gravitational pull of the car, so I stayed with Lauren while Rory and Leyna went into the shop. We’re home now and I’m about to start the prep for tonight’s galette. I’m going to build the dough for the crust, which is really the most labor-intensive part of making a galette. I’ll also mince up some leftover chicken and maybe slice the potatoes as well.

Just finished building the galette and I. Am. Completely. KNACKERED. Who knew that cooking could be such exhausting work? Sheesh. I had to relinquish dinner prep duties to Rory just so I could sit down and rest. Still, the galette should be yummy and was well worth the effort. It also gave Rory a much-needed break to decompress a bit.

Oooohhhh, yeah… The effort was DEFINITELY worth it. The galette was delicious and everyone loved it. Well, everyone except Lauren, but she detests food in general.🙄