6 March – second break

My time at home is winding down and Monday is looming larger on the horizon. I’ve already begun gathering the things I’ll need to take with me and making a list for Rory so he can pick up the various little oddments that I’ve run out of. This time I’d like to take some individual serving containers of my favorite Greek yogurt because I’ve been told by a few sources at the hospital that there is a fridge handy for storing foods that patients bring in. I just have to make certain that all packages are clearly labeled and dated. The hospital staff really only want to handle individual portions because of the potential health risks involved with doling out food from a larger container, so I’m a bit hampered by that. Still, there are work-arounds for almost everything.

I’ve got the sweet potatoes from yesterday’s veggie box steaming on the stove top. I’m the only one in the family who enjoys sweet potatoes and yams, so I’ll be gorging myself shortly on yummy buttery goodness!

After dinner, we drove down to our little downtown area for a small art fair that was going on outside one of the newer restaurants. I was very uncertain whether I would be strong enough to stroll around but the night air energized me a bit and I had no problems. For the show’s small size, there were quite a few interesting things to look at and just about every booth had something that drew my attention.One lady in particular was selling her macramé wall hangings. Wow… I hadn’t seen stuff like that since the mid-70s. All were relatively simple, using basic square and half-hitch knots, but they were still lovely and made me consider doing something like that for our own home. Except the cats would find a way to knock it off the wall and eat it. Stupid felines…🙄 Afterwards, we walked over to our favorite little coffee shop and had a few little nibbles and coffee. Overall, a very pleasant way to spend the evening!