7 March – second break

LAUNDRY. The household is up to its armpits in laundry. The entire floor outside the laundry room is covered in sorted piles awaiting their turn in the washer. I’m trying to work through the piles while Rory takes Leyna shopping. She’s outgrown all her warm weather clothes so they’re going to hit up Ross and some thrift stores in town. Rory has never taken her clothing shopping before and I just don’t have the strength for it today, so we’ll see how it goes.

Welp, the shoppers are back with their bags of goodies. Rory managed to find a much-needed pair of jeans at Ross that ACTUALLY FIT. He’s lost 30 lbs in the last year and all his old pants are quite literally falling off him. Leyna scored some good finds from both Target, Ross and the thrift stores that should keep her happy for a while. Rory also made a stop at Specs (sort of the Texas version of BevMo) for some cigars and as soon as they were home and everything was unpacked, he made a beeline for the backyard with a cigar and his lighter and was found a while later, puffing away serenely and pulling weeds from around the track beds of his garden railway-in-progress.

Rory made sushi for dinner tonight (California rolls), which was yummy. This is one of Lauren’s favorite meals and she happily wharked down two platefuls of rolls. Leyna wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic so Rory and I ended up splitting her roll between us.

One more day to go before re-incarceration and only two more nights of sleeping in my own bed. *Sigh*