11 March, cycle 2A – second day of chemo

I WEIGH 140 POUNDS!!!! WOO-HOOOO!!!!!! This means I’ve gained nearly 10 pounds since the beginning of my last break. YAY!!! Happy, dance, happy dance… 🎉🎈😄

Oh, wait… that’s probably water weight due to all the fluids that are being pumped into me. Crap. What a buzzkill. 😑

I once again got whisked off downstairs to Radiology this morning at 7:15, this time for an ultrasound on my right arm to check the status of the clot that formed during my first cycle. I was the only patient in that department so I was in and out of there and back up in my room by 7:50. Wow – I didn’t miss breakfast!

My sleep last night was badly interrupted due to the chemo treatment, vitals checks and blood draw so the day passed in a sleepy blur of being hooked up to my ball and chain while the nurses swapped out bags of fluid and poison. I’m trying to finish this post now before heading to bed but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m already falling asleep at the wheel and waking to find that my fingers have typed something incomprehensible. More to come… 😴