13 March, cycle 2A – fourth day of chemo

Almost done with my chemo drugs for this hospital visit. I finished the Cytoxan this morning and just received a 15-minute dose of Doxirubicin, or the Red Devil. I’m currently hooked up to my last dose for today, a drug whose name I can’t recall (although if I just turned my head and looked at my stupid IV pole, I could find out). I’ll have a final 15-minute dose of this second drug a week from today but I’m essentially finished. And now we wait…

Welp, it looks like the chemo drugs have adversely affected my, um, ability to poop unassisted. This never happens to me and it’s horribly uncomfortable. I finally cried “uncle” and received some meds that will hopefully help with the issue. I’m also beginning to swell like a water balloon again. Urgh… this particular mix of chemo drugs does some weird and remarkably unpleasant things to my body. I just hope that I don’t start having bizarre semi-delirium dreams again, those were truly horrifying.

Not much more to report. Rory nipped down for a visit and it was nice just to spend time with him in my sunny room. On his way back home he stopped at our local HEB and sent back some pictures of the crazy hoarding stupidity that the general populace seems currently possessed with over COVID-19. I had NEVER seen shelves picked so clean. The fresh meat case was entirely empty and the produce department was gutted as well. Just how do these people plan on using all this food? Okay, granted, if they have large freezers they can store the meat, but FRESH PRODUCE? It’ll turn to wasted sludge before they can ever get through it all. This type of thing seriously pisses me off and seems entirely unnecessary. The vast majority of these shoppers are only thinking of themselves and their families, which I get, obviously, but what about the rest of us who need food as well? The whole “I’m going to grab as much as I can for myself and the rest of you can go to hell” mentality completely escapes me. Firstly, they all just need to step back, stop panicking, and TAKE A DAMN DEEP BREATH. Paper bags will sometimes help with this. Then maybe attempt to engage in some rational thought, work out a meal plan, and BUY ONLY WHAT IS NEEDED. I certainly won’t snarl if they decide to pick up maybe a couple of value packs, but really, leave some for others.

Okay, rant over.