14 March, cycle 2A – and now we wait

Yep, it’s now all about the waiting and the trying to keep from losing my ever-loving mind from boredom. Oh, and I have GOT to stop reading about the stupid stinkin’ coronavirus madness. It’s really beginning to shake me up.

Not much happened today. I spent the whole day in my room because I was feeling just yucky enough to want to lie low for a while. I watched a movie, drew a little, tidied my room, read for a bit, ate (thankfully), texted and FaceTimed with Rory and the girls during their dry run of Movie Night, and waited for time to pass. Not a really thrilling day but when you’ve just been smacked down with toxic poisons you don’t generally feel up to doing much.

Oh, one new thing to report: This hospital has admitted its first coronavirus case. I don’t know where the patient is being kept but I do know that they’re in isolation. I also know that this person has a very recent international travel history and so didn’t contract the virus from the San Antonio community. Finally, this patient did the right thing and self-quarantined until their symptoms became severe enough to seek medical attention. I wish them the best and hope they recover quickly.🙏🏻