15 March, cycle 2A

Well. This is fun. I’ve once again begun swelling up like an over-filled water balloon so my nurse gave me a diuretic this morning just as my breakfast tray arrived. The stuff was so fast-acting that I had to get up THREE times to visit the loo while still trying to eat. My eggs got cold, dammit. 😑 I’ve been told that I’ll be up and down for two to three hours until the worst of it has passed. Great way to spend the morning, although it’ll be nice to actually see my waistline and ankles again.

Rory came down for another short visit. He’s trying to spend time with a sick wife at the same time as wrangling two VERY bored teenage girls and I wish I could help. Oh, the girls’ spring break has been extended by at least another week due to the coronavirus concerns. (This at least partly explains the boredom!) Leyna asked me last night if she could use one of my small canvases for an art project so maybe Rory can take her to Hobby Lobby sometime this week for more. It sure would be a great way for her to alleviate her boredom. She’s also announced that she’ll be in charge of dinner this coming week and actually planned meals around what little was available at HEB. Wow. There are many, many adults who couldn’t put a meal plan like that together.❤️

Yay! I got unhooked from my IV pump! I don’t have to listen to the sound of that stupid thing snoring away right by my bed or the way the thin hose seems to crimp every time I move, setting off incessant irate chirping from the pump. Now I’ll have to really be diligent about drinking as much water as I can possibly manage because getting dehydrated at this point could make my life a whole lot worse.