19 March, cycle 2A – lockdown day 2

Haven’t done much of any note today, other then eat and sleep like a great big lazy animal. I did have a nice chat with my nurse last night though, who as it turns out also lives in New Braunfels. She told me about this intriguing little farm stand located on the road out to Canyon Lake that sells locally grown veggies, pecans, fresh peaches from Fredericksburg in summer, and (if I heard correctly) locally raised 100% grass-fed beef. I checked their website this morning and it looks like they’re going to try to stay open during all of this coronavirus insanity. Since the farm stand is a good 10 miles from any other retail location they should be relatively safe to visit. I’m fascinated and intend to make a pilgrimage out there when I get home on the next break. Our weekly farmers market in downtown NB has become a real disappointment for us – it’s more of a craft fair with a few veggie booths. Our farmers market in Burbank was seriously hardcore in comparison and I don’t think it had ANY artsy-fartsy stuff, just good fresh produce, olive oils, cheeses, eggs and some meat. If this farm stand works out (and if it stays open), we’ll have another good shopping source. 😊

Not much more to report today. I’m still fighting nasal congestion and I’m beginning to wonder if it may be yet another reaction to the chemo. The glands just below my ears are a bit swollen and rather sore and my doc told me that that could also be a reaction. Wheeee… Well, at least I can still eat!