21 March, cycle 2A – lockdown, day 4

YAWN. Me very, very sleepy. I had a decent night’s sleep but I awoke too early and now it’s kicking my bum. I’d like to take a snooze but I’m absolutely certain that as soon as I do, people will once again swarm in and out of my room, the g*ddam phone will ring, texts will start pinging, and I won’t be able to relax. UGH.

The unit feels almost deserted. My nurse was telling me this morning that only about half the beds in Oncology are occupied, some due to being discharged, no doubt, but others have moved out just to get out of the hospital. I almost wish I had that option but I think I’m still safer here than at home, no matter how diligent Rory and the girls are being in their daily hygiene. They’re still going out and exposing themselves to the general populace, not all of whom may be taking this social distancing thing as seriously as they should. Granted, Rory only goes out when he has to and he’s no social butterfly, so that’s a good thing. Leyna, on the other hand… well, I’m just glad that kid doesn’t have her license yet, or we might have to bar her in her room and nail plywood sheets over the outside of her bedroom window. Lauren, in stark contrast, is only too happy to remain at home. Of course, I don’t know the last time she changed her t-shirt or brushed her hair… 😱

I did my laundry today using the quart-size Mason jar and little bottle of laundry soap that Rory brought me on Tuesday. I must say, it was pretty effective. A little puddle of soap at the bottom followed by hot water to the 3/4 full mark, then two pairs of undies, a bit more water, seal the jar, and shake for 4-5 minutes per “load”. I found that after carefully removing the first two washed items, I had to add more soap and water for the second load. Still, after rinsing, pressing the garments between dry bath towels and hanging them to dry, it’s a workable solution. I may not be able to do the same with a couple of my t-shirts that I brought but they’re soft material and may be able to fit inside the jar without overcrowding too much. Yep, this is my life in the hospital – fretting over how to get my clothes clean. 🙄