23 March, cycle 2A – lockdown, day 6

My numbers are still weird today. White blood cells continue to drop along with my ANC (absolute neutrophil count) but my hemoglobin and platelets are up slightly. Go figure. I have no idea if I’ll have to wait for everything to bottom out or whether my doc is more interested in one count over another. I’ll need to ask him this when he comes in this afternoon.

Ugh, ANOTHER gloomy day. The clouds have lifted just enough to see the downtown San Antonio skyline from my window but we aren’t supposed to see the sun until tomorrow. I miss my sunbeam, dammit. This big kitty wants to curl up and bask for a while. I will definitely have to do my walkies this afternoon, if only to get out of my room for a bit to alleviate the monotony.

LUNCH!!! The caged animal is being fed! And oh dear Lord, they actually gave me real butter for my roll. I feel so special! 😆

Welp, I’m going to amend what I said earlier about the weather. The sun’s finally breaking through the cloud cover and it looks like a pleasant afternoon. I wish I could open my little window but I just don’t dare. I’ll probably be sneezing and drippy in a matter of moments. I’ve been taken off the Zyrtec, which is fine, I hate taking all these drugs, but now I’ll have to be careful how much fresh outside air I indulge in. Wow… tree pollen was never a problem for me until this year and then I got seriously slapped. It must be due to my compromised immunity.

San Antonio is officially in lockdown as of 11:59pm tomorrow night. Residents will be expected to shelter in place and all non-essential errands will be discouraged unless it’s to buy groceries, visit the pharmacy, or buy gas. Residents will, however, be allowed to leave their homes for exercise, providing they don’t gather in groups. Not really sure how the city government thinks it’s going to keep a herd of ornery, unruly Texans from doing whatever the hell they want, but my doc told me this afternoon that the Texas National Guard may be called in. Stuff is getting very weird, very fast.