24 March, cycle 2A – lockdown, day 7

The day is dawning beautifully. It’s still quite hazy out there but it looks like we’ve got a really pretty day in store. I’ve got quite a bit of correspondence to catch up on so I’ll probably spend most of my time parked in my recliner, enjoying the sun and chatting with old friends. I hope my cell reception won’t be too awful – this hospital sometimes seems like a hardened concrete bunker and I’ve lost my phone and internet connections multiple times. Seriously annoying, especially when I’m trying to FaceTime with my family and the video suddenly either freezes completely or gives me the equivalent of maybe three to five frames per second. I’ve actually been reduced to tears over this!

Huh. A resident doc just nipped into my room and informed me that I’ll once again be given Granix, the drug that will boost my white blood cell count. Apparently my numbers have dropped enough to warrant this, which also means that this is the beginning of the end of my stay here at the hospital! Maybe another week and I’ll be off for a few days, providing they even let me go, of course. Dr. Santiago and I talked about this yesterday when I last saw him and he’s a bit on the fence over me going back into the big bad world of coronavirus hysteria. I’ve effectively been quarantined for two weeks already and probably will be for another and the doc is certain that, due to the changes here at the hospital, I’m far safer here. I’m pretty sure I am as well but I still want to go home. The girls have been isolated now since March 9th and Rory is the only one going out to HEB or to do other errands. He’s using extra precautions, of course – gloves, handkerchiefs, loads of hand-washing, and keeping as far away from other hominids as possible. I think that I’ll be okay as long as I stay at home, or if I do go out, I’ll only go to the park or to open-air markets like the farmers market.

Today I ended up having a wonderful phone chat with a long-distance friend whom I hadn’t spoken with in ages. Our husbands worked together years ago and she and I hit it off immediately. I haven’t seen her in probably seven years but I really, really hope that, once my treatments are finished and all the coronavirus furor has passed, that we can eventually get together again. They live on the East Coast not far from NYC and are currently locked down even tighter than we are here in TX. I hope they’ll be okay. I’d dearly love to see them again. ❤️

I didn’t get quite as much correspondence done today as I was planning but there’s always tomorrow. Dr. Santiago said something encouraging this afternoon during his daily visit though. Since I’ve started back on the Granix it should take only a matter of days for my white blood cell count to rise back to a decent level and then I can go home! Now all I have to do is to remain fever and infection free – that’s what complicated matters so much during my first A cycle. Oh yes, and no blood clots would be a good thing as well!