26 March, cycle 2A – lockdown, day 9

Yep, we’ve got us some rising blood cell counts! My white blood cells rose from 0.6 yesterday to 3.4 today. Hemoglobin is now at 8.1 so that means I won’t have to have a transfusion this go around. Dr. Santiago came by this morning around 11:30, which was a bit of a shock given that he usually drops in much later in the afternoon. We discussed my release and I should be going home by tomorrow, providing my WBCs continue to climb. If last cycle was any indication, I’m expecting a big jump tonight and then it’s homeward bound tomorrow afternoon. YAY!!!

Not much more to report. I had a very pleasant day overall with no real issues. I had a big lunch and then was overcome by food coma, so I curled up and napped for a bit. I’ve come to really like my little room here at the hospital and I hope that I can get it again the next time I come in. It’s small and cozy and feels almost like a little crow’s nest looking out on the world. Who knows how many patients there will be in the unit by the time I get back on the 6th but I know at least two finished their treatment yesterday and went home for good (the bell rang twice). It feels quite empty here now so hopefully I’ll have a good pick of rooms on the south side of the tower when I return.😊🙏🏻