27 March, cycle 2A – homeward!

Yep, it’s official. I’m going home today, even though my hemoglobin count still isn’t that great. My WBCs, as predicted, blasted into the high-normal range overnight and my platelets are up considerably as well. Low hemoglobin just means that I’m going to feel a bit weak until my marrow can cook up some more healthy little cell babies. There are ways of dealing with that though. I can (and probably will) start wolfing down dark leafy greens and other foods that are high in iron.

I have almost everything packed except for the iPad, the kettle and the Brita filter pitcher. Rory should be heading my way by a little after 2pm. I just had my lunch and now there’s nothing left to do except wait and try to occupy myself with blogging and FaceBork. Not too much of the latter though, there’s too much hysteria going on and I don’t want to immerse myself in that just before leaving the relative safety of the hospital for the Great Unknown. Rory said that I’ll probably be shocked by how much has changed in the 2 1/2 weeks since I was last admitted. I’m about to find out!

One thing that concerns me right now: I seem to have something going on with a spot on the bridge of my nose. It’s red, a bit swollen, and it hurts a bit. Well, ache is probably a better term for it. The weird thing is that the redness and swelling are at the exact site of the basal cell carcinoma that I had removed four years ago. I asked the hospital doc this morning if there might be a correlation and he didn’t discount it. Wonder what’s up. During my first A cycle a patch of skin on my cheek at the site of another basal cell removal turned red as well but there wasn’t any soreness. It’s a mystery.

PICC line is out, cart is loaded, aaannndd… HOME!

I’ve been home less than two hours and I’m already beginning to eat my way through the remaining leftovers in the fridge. NOM NOM NOM… We’re going to order pizza tonight from Stout’s. I’m really looking forward to that – I haven’t had their pizza in quite some time and it’s quite good. Not as good as Underground’s was, of course, but it’s still very tasty and will be a welcome change from hospital food.

I’m so glad I’m home! ❤️❤️❤️