28 March – third break

I awoke this morning to the sound of thunder. Rory was already up and in the bathroom so I got up and opened the window next to my side of the bed. What bliss! Cool, moist air flowed in along with the myriad sounds of birds and the peepings of the sweet little geckos that live under our deck. Oh, and RAIN. Omg, I love the sound and smell of rain. It didn’t last long but what a wonderful way to wake up!

Don’t know what’s in store for the day today. I know that at some point one of us (Rory or myself) will have to brave Walgreens in order to pick up the prescription that I’ll need during my break. It’s only one drug but I’ll also need either Claritin or Zyrtec to help keep a lid on my allergies. The tree pollen has tamed down quite a bit but I still feel it in my eyes – burning, itching, watery, and it’s affecting my nose. I don’t want to keep carting around a box of tissues everywhere I move. Kinda tiresome.

So we’re going to do a family Movie Night tonight, which will be fun. Rory managed to get more Beyond Meat for the sliders and he’s also going to make his wonderful fries – YUM. I’ve been grazing on whatever isn’t nailed down for most of the day but I’m still pretty sure I’ll be able to put away quite a bit of food tonight. Honestly, I feel almost as famished as I did when I was in my teens, when I could put away ridiculous quantities of food without batting an eye. I’m very nearly ready to venture back into the kitchen to see what other munchies I can get my paws on and it’s nearly 5pm!

Five sliders. I just ate FIVE of the little beggers as well as a pile of yummy fries. *BUUURRP* Damn, they were tasty! Of course, now all I want to do is curl up and snooze. I don’t think I’ll last through the movie although it’s a classic (The Ten Commandments). We’ve all agreed to shout “TAKE A DRINK” every time someone says either “Moses, Moses” or “So let it be written.” If we were actually going to be imbibing in real alcohol we’d all be sh*t-faced by the end of the film!