29 March – third break

Another beautiful day has dawned. Rory’s already up and building waffles for breakfast. Rory, the Pancake & Waffle King. Seriously, the man works magic with pancake and waffle batter and builds everything from scratch, no mixes allowed. I’m staying out of his way for now, although later I plan on commandeering the kitchen to make bread. Yes, BREAD. Our HEB is woefully deficient in any sort of decent bread so I researched a good French loaf recipe yesterday that will make two loaves. I’d like to keep it around for sandwiches and toast but I have a feeling that as soon as that bread comes out of the oven it will be devoured.

I took Leyna over to Target today at about noon, armed with latex gloves, mask and a cotton rag soaked in alcohol. I felt a bit silly but I’m still glad I took the extra precautions. The weird thing is that no one else seemed concerned enough to do the same. I think I was the only shopper there geared up for the apocalypse. Anyway, we only got about 2/3rds of what we needed due to no paper products and no rubbing alcohol. We’re getting very low on paper towels and may have to use household rags instead. That honestly doesn’t bother me that much – it’s far more environmentally friendly and far less wasteful.

Rory fixed an incredible meal tonight accompanied by my bread, which turned out wonderfully. We had roasted chicken quarters, asparagus and rice. Delicious! I made an absolute pig of myself with the asparagus. Rory had bought a huge bundle and cooked it all. The girls didn’t touch any of it so… all the more for us! 😄