30 March – third break

I had a somewhat restless night last night. I took my temperature just before going to bed and found that it was 99.1 degrees – not a fever, exactly, but more elevated than I’m used to. I tend to run a bit cool, somewhere in the 97.5 – 98.0 range. I checked it twice more during the night and on the second check it had dropped to 98.5. This morning it was 98.0, back to my normal. I know this makes me sound like a complete hypochondriac but I’ve been told by my doc and the nursing staff that if I should run a fever, I should get my butt back to the hospital ASAP. Thankfully this was a false alarm!

Good lord, I’ve been a slug today. About all I’ve done is eat and watch movies. I’ve gained two pounds since I came home, which is fine since I was down to 131. It’s grey and drizzly outside, very conducive to a mid-afternoon nap. I think I hear my pillow calling me… 😴

Not much more to add to this post. The weather tomorrow promises to be clear and warm so I might just hop in the car and take a short drive or go down to the park and sit next to the springs for a while. It’s already beautiful out and I want to enjoy it while I can. It’s supposed to be overcast and rainy for the remainder of the week, which I also enjoy but I can’t really sit outside during a downpour!😊