31 March – third break

I think I’m going to call Dr. Santiago today regarding the weird sore spot on the bridge of my nose. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better, although thankfully it doesn’t seem to be spreading either. It hurts and it’s really bothersome because the nose bridge of my glasses sits right on top of the sore area which just makes it feel worse. I really don’t want to call the doc – he’s probably going to want to see me and I don’t want to drive all the way in to San Antonio for an office visit. Maybe I can take pictures of the spot and send those to him…

So I finally called the doc. As expected, I’m now waiting for his return call, which means that I’ll be carrying my phone around with me like another appendage until I hear from him. Dr. Santiago is currently on his rounds at the area hospitals and doesn’t interrupt this process for anything except dire emergencies, so I may be waiting for a while. *Sigh*

We found out today that our favorite coffee place in town, 2Tarts, will be closing for now. They aren’t closing for good, at least not for a while, said one of the owners this afternoon when Rory and I drove by their shop. They’re still in a relatively good place financially, as is the home-made gelato business owned by the spouse of one of the 2Tarts owners. They decided to close because of the lack of respect that many of their customers showed regarding the 6-foot-radius social distancing rule that they were trying to enforce in the outdoor pick-up queue. Ugh… some folks just HAVE to spoil things for the rest of us. Anyway, they’re going to try to set up some sort of online ordering service and of course Rory offered his services. I hope they take him up on that – it’ll look good on his resumé.

Dammit. Still waiting to hear from the doc and now it looks like my temp is creeping up again. I may not be able to hold out until Monday before going back to the hospital. I’m NOT going to the ER, I won’t do it, it’s too full of cooties. If necessary I’ll hold the fever down with Tylenol until they can admit me properly.

Yet another false alarm. My temp dropped back down last night to my version of normal. I’m getting pretty tired of this weird roller coaster ride and I wonder how long it will be before my body regains some stability. I know it won’t be until after I finish all the chemo but how long? Will I ever feel some semblance of “healthy”? Or is this going to be my new normal, fretting every time my temperature fluctuates, wondering where the hell that sore came from, why are my ankles so red and painful, will my damn nose EVER STOP DRIPPING? This seriously sucks bilge water.😡