1 April – third break

Dr. Santiago to the rescue! I finally got through to him and texted him pictures of my very sore, red honker. He’s just sent an antibiotic prescription to my regular pharmacy here in town. C’mon, Walgreens, hurry up, I’d really like to wear my glasses normally again!

It’s ridiculously beautiful outside. Truly a gorgeous day. I plan on sitting on the patio this afternoon, preferably with a small glass of good Scotch. I’ve been frittering away the hours today tracking down various items that I’ll need to buy, as well as trying to plan the menu for the meal I want to prepare for my family on Saturday. Since I won’t be home for Easter, I’m going to fix our Middle Eastern holiday dinner a week early. I may have to substitute another meat for the lamb though, because our meat market here in town is out of loin chops and legs and only has shoulder, which can be a bit tough and gamey. Maybe beef kebabs might work. I’ll throw something together and it’ll be fine. 😊

*BIG HAPPY SIGH* I started my antibiotic for the weird nose thing, I’ve finished the Turkish flatbread for Saturday (it’s REALLY tasty), and now I’m kickin’ it on the back deck with my iPad and Scotch. It’s just too stinkin’ nice out here. Our big red oaks are all full of themselves, decked out in their new spring greenery, and the color of the leaves almost defies description. Such an incredible green and they shimmer beautifully in the late afternoon sun. It’s times like these when I actually enjoy being in Texas.😊❤️