2 April – third break

The weather for the remainder of the week promises to be grey and rainy but not very cold. I really hope we get at least one rip-snorting thunderstorm before I have to go back to the hospital. I do so love those even though they scare me slightly. Well, it isn’t the thunder, lightning or rain, it’s the wind that sends me whimpering under a blanket. I’ve been through two real howlers in my lifetime and now it’s sort of like PTSD – the winds pick up and I get nervous. Not all of our thunderstorms have accompanying high winds though, and the way our cul-de-sac is located at the bottom of a little hollow tends to protect us a bit from the strongest gusts.

I sincerely hope that the antibiotic I’m currently taking kicks in soon and starts to lessen the swelling and discomfort of my nose thing. My doc texted me yesterday to say that if I didn’t see any improvement in 24 hours, I should contact him again. Honestly, 24 hours seems a bit optimistic for seeing any improvement. Personally, I’d give it 48 but I’m no doc. What do I know? 😉

So this may not have been the brightest thing to do, but I snuck out with Leyna to go to the health food store and then the In ‘N Out drive-through. I wore gloves and a mask while in the health food store and swabbed my card, gloves, and steering wheel with an alcohol wipe after getting back in the car and before touching anything else, so I think we’re good. I know, I’m unnecessarily exposing myself, and I probably won’t go out again while I’m home, but I had to get toothpaste and that’s the only place in town that carries the brand I use. Also, I needed tahini and I wasn’t sure if Rory would be able to find it at HEB. It’s difficult to find there in the best of times.

WHEEEE!!! I got my wish! We’ve got thunder, lightning, and it’s PISSING down rain! AWESOME!!! 😄❤️❤️❤️ Oof, and the lights just went out for a few seconds. There must be a storm cell parked right over our house. Oh, I LOVE this. Our area of Texas desperately needs the rain and if it sticks around long enough it will help to recharge our aquifer.