4 April – third break

Things for me are starting to wind down now that it’s Saturday. I still have some laundry to do but I’m in pretty good shape for packing. Monday morning will come way too soon for me. I don’t feel that I’ve really been able to enjoy this break nearly as much as I would have liked. I was too concerned about the sore on my nose and the recurring cellulitis in my ankles to be able to relax and let go, but perhaps that’s exactly what I should have done. These issues aren’t something that I can control, no matter how much I’d like to believe that I can. My first reaction is to worry and over-think everything to death and this has to stop if I’m ever to reclaim my health. My new mantra is becoming, “Just drift”. Go with the flow. Let go, let God. BREATHE. I have no control, and that’s okay.

I’ve started building the side dishes for tomorrow’s meal. We didn’t have enough Greek yogurt for the tzatziki so I’m making my own, which basically means that I’m using regular yogurt but I’m letting it drain slowly through a fine sieve. This will thicken it to the right consistency. I also made the hummus, which turned out velvety smooth and so, soooo good. I actually spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen making sides and then all the fixings for tonight’s tacos. Boy, it felt good, although my neck is a bit stiff now from bending over the counter for that long. I’m just not used to it any more!

Tzatziki is done and very yummy. The strained yogurt turned out to be virtually identical in taste and texture to the Greek yogurt I usually buy. I may just strain my own from now on because the yogurt I started with is less expensive than the brand I purchase. Trouble is, the yogurt batch reduces by nearly 50% due to the amount of liquid that strains out, so I’ll have to make allowances for this in future recipes. Still, it was a worthy experiment!😊