5 April – last day of third break

I wish the weather were a bit better today. I’d like to do something before heading back to the hospital tomorrow, even though everything’s closed except markets and pharmacies. I still haven’t ventured out to that farm stand on the road to Canyon Lake. That will probably have to wait until my next break. The wildflowers are nearly spent here but there are still a few patches of bluebonnets along the ring road, nodding their sweet little lavender-blue heads in the breeze. I wonder what all this recent rain will do to our resident firefly population. I hope it will help them somewhat – their display last year was nearly nonexistent. I know they’re in decline right now which makes me extremely sad. I have friends who grew up in Virginia and North Carolina and described the incredible magic of their summer nights when great clouds of the sweet little bugaboos would whirl about lighting up the night with their displays. This is something I’d love to see in my lifetime, almost as much as the Aurora borealis or wolves in the wild.❤️

The day seemed to just fly by and now here it is, 7:45pm, and I haven’t even begun packing yet, although I’ve been gathering bits and bobs all afternoon. Our dinner was wonderful, if a bit garlicky, and I’m sure I’ll be reeking by the time I check into the hospital tomorrow morning. I so wish I could take some of the tabbouleh salad with me – it’s so fresh, herby, crunchy and yummy, but I don’t know if I should. I suppose I could ask one of the nurses to keep it in the fridge for me until lunch time. I’ll ponder this.