8 April, cycle 2B – second day of chemo

Omg, I slept like a ROCK last night. Not entirely sure why – I had about the same amount of interruptions and I had to visit the loo twice, but each time I was able to go back to sleep afterward. It’s quite nice to feel more rested and alert!

My 22-hour infusion of Methotrexate is ongoing but it should end by 5:00 this afternoon. Then I’ll be started on Leucovorin, a drug that’s used to purge the body of the Methotrexate, which is horribly toxic if left to linger. I’ll also be started on the second Big Boy tomorrow, Cyterabine, which is the one that can affect my eyesight. I’ve already been started on the eye drops to help prevent this. Measures and countermeasures, all designed to make me healthy. Eventually. I hope!

Soooo… I did something that I’m REALLY not supposed to do but the IV pump dishing out my saline drip just up and quit while I had the unit unplugged earlier this morning. When I plugged it back in the little screen booted up and up popped a few questions that I figured I could answer easily. So, rather than call my nurse, who was probably busy running around the unit helping other patients, I got the thing running again. I wouldn’t have dared to do this with the IV pump infusing the chemo drug, that would have been way too risky. Still, I’m fairly chuffed that I was able to do that. I just can’t tell anyone here about it! 🤫

Rats. Apparently I can no longer take my walkies in the unit hallways unless I have special permission to do so. This is according to my nurse, Lauren, who told me the new rule after the charge nurse cornered her and asked if I had been given the green light. Poor Lauren – she’s so used to seeing me doing my laps that she totally blanked. I guess the other patients noticed too because I think some complaints were made to the nurses’ station. Great. I had no idea about the new rule and apologized profusely. Ugh. I have NO desire to get my nurse in trouble! So now I’ll have to exercise in my room. I wish I’d brought my yoga mat.

They started the Cyterabine earlier than I expected, which now means that I have to apply the eye drops every six hours, round the clock. I’m also doing my saline mouthwash at the same time. Boy, that midnight trip to the bathroom is murder!