9 April, cycle 2B – third day of chemo

Not gonna lie, I’m starting this blog post one day AFTER I was due to post it, so it’s going to be very brief.

Just a summary: Still in the hospital. Still not allowed to go on my walkies around the unit without special permission. The chemo continues and now I’m beginning to experience some minor (so far) side effects – namely, what I call “chemo flush”, a reddening of the skin on my face, neck and chest. There’s no itching or irritation of the area, I just look like I’ve been in the sun for way too long. My nose is also becoming a bit more delicate. This isn’t the same as the sore on the bridge of my nose, that’s virtually gone. No, it’s that I have to be careful how I blow or wipe my nose because it’s beginning to bleed easily. Just a bit, mind you, not what I would call a full-on nose bleed, but I still need to take care. My appetite’s still good and I don’t have any mouth sores forming so I can eat without discomfort. Yay!

There you go, my day in a nutshell!😊