10 April, cycle 2B – fourth day of chemo

Bleeeeahhhh… Had a really rough night last night. Many, many interruptions due to chemo doses, then eye drops, saline mouth rinses, blood labs, vitals checks… I’m a complete zombie today. I haven’t really left my bed for much more than going to the loo and doing my laundry. I haven’t had my shower yet but that will probably be the last thing I do before curling up for a nap. Then maybe a cuppa and a movie. 😴

Didn’t get much of a nap but at least I was able to snooze for a little while. Dr. Santiago came in while I was trying to rest and, well, I sort of need to be alert and present when he’s here, so there went the nap. He prescribed a diuretic for earlier in the day so that kept me hopping, or rather dragging, for a few hours. At least all my chemo infusions are finished though, so there’s that.

My appetite’s fallen off a bit. I had ordered my dinner earlier in the day but couldn’t finish it all because I was feeling way too full, so my salad went to waste. I really, REALLY don’t like wasting food, it bugs the crap out of me. Chalk it up to being raised by a parent who grew up during the Depression. I hope I’ll feel better tomorrow because this lingering grey haze is beginning to get old.

Being in and out of the hospital since January has made me completely lose track of time. It’s our anniversary today. Rory and I have now been married for 34 years. What a sucky way to spend it though, laid up in the hospital. Maybe next year we can do something more special! ❤️