11 April, cycle 2B

I had a much better night. My nurse, Trisha, was very mindful of waking me and so she grouped her visits in order for me to get more sleep. She was extremely tired herself, poor thing – she only got about three hours of sleep and had to rely on multiple infusions of coffee to get through her shift.

My hemoglobin levels have dropped to the point where I’m once again being given blood. The trouble with that is that I’ve also been given Benadryl, which for me functions like a heavy-duty sleeping drug. I’m sitting in my bed right now, blinking stupidly at my keyboard and wondering just where the hell to put my fingers. Great. I also have to ONCE AGAIN get up and go to the loo. I don’t want to leave the comfort of my bed, dammit!

I’ve been freed from the tyranny of the IV pumps. As of noon today, my blood and ph levels showed that all the chemo drugs had been flushed from my body so it’s back to feeling semi-human and relatively independent again. Now I have to be very mindful to drink as much water as I can to keep my kidneys clean.

I’ve been a bit groggy all day even with the blood transfusion. After my shower I curled up and dozed for a bit and now I’m just sort of killing time waiting for dinner to arrive. I sure wish it weren’t so gloomy outside but according to my weather app we won’t be seeing the sun until at least Monday. Texas springtime weather is on crack most of the time.