12 April, cycle 2B – Easter

Welp, it’s Easter and I’m stuck in the hospital. *Sigh* I so wish I were home now. Even though we celebrated Easter a week early, it would still be nice to be with my family during a holiday. The hospital staff are trying to lighten the mood in the unit though and it’s really pretty cute: All lunch trays today included bunny cookies and today’s charge nurse was bouncing from room to room, dressed in a bunny suit and handing out candy. I nearly lost it when Carole came into my room, shaking her tail!

Wow, it’s turned into an absolutely gorgeous day. The clouds broke around 9:30 and it’s been beautiful and sunny ever since. I’m parked in my recliner next to the window now trying to soak up some sunbeam, but the sun’s angle has changed enough that not much direct sun comes into the room. Still, it’s bright and warm next to the windows and I think I feel a nap coming on…

Oh, I found out why my room’s little bitty window is screwed shut. Apparently a young patient attempted suicide by climbing out of his window a few years ago. I don’t know if he succeeded or if he was caught and pulled back in but I sincerely hope it was the latter. There’s a wide ledge outside the window and there isn’t a straight eight-story drop to the ground, more like three to the roof of one wing of the Children’s hospital, but you can get just as dead from a three-story fall as you can from an eight-story plummet. Pretty grim.

Not much more to report. I’m in full hurry-up-and-wait mode, just waiting for those cell counts to do their thing. Rory thinks that I’ll be released by next Friday but I think that may be a bit optimistic. I haven’t even been given any Granix injections yet and my white cell count, while very low, hasn’t approached the point where the doc thinks the injections are necessary. Still, barring any weird infection or fever, I should have a longer break this time, fingers crossed!