13 April, cycle 2B

The day dawned bright, sunny and COLD. Okay, so cold is a relative term here in south central Texas, but it was only 45 degrees when I finally got moving around 7:30 this morning and the daytime highs will only be in the 60s. Still, it’s a pretty day and I intend to enjoy it before the weather turns overcast again.

Another boring day. I didn’t do much of anything today except sit around, watch movies, read, and nap. Pretty exciting life, right? 🙄 About the most exciting thing to happen was that my energy level took a nosedive again right after I’d gotten out of the shower. I didn’t come anywhere close to passing out this time but it was still a challenge to change the sheets on my bed. I could have let the nurse do it but I generally remake it anyway – I’m extremely particular over how my bed is made and it makes more sense for me to do it myself. Besides, it gives me something to do!

Ugh… Back to guzzling prune juice. Yep. Chemo does that to a person and especially to me. It brings my elimination system to a crashing standstill. Getting mighty tired of prune juice. I wish the hospital kitchen had a decent yogurt or some other fermented food that would help to get my gut biome back in balance because it’s beyond messed up now. I wouldn’t turn down a pile of sauerkraut right now, or a great big Reuben sandwich. Or kimchi!