14 April, cycle 2B

I awoke a bit early this morning and now I’m watching the rising sun as it turns the Children’s Hospital wing a blush pink and then bright gold. I don’t know how long the clear weather is supposed to last but I may as well enjoy it while I can. I still wish I could open my bitty window but that probably wouldn’t be a good idea right now – I can feel the cold radiating in from the outside. It must be really chill out there this morning.

The day went pretty well overall. I still don’t have any problems eating so I’m hoovering up my food whenever I get half a chance. My gums are beginning to bleed though, which is a minor cause of concern. I don’t have any sores on my tongue but there are several spots on my gums that are very tender and this is probably the source of the bleeding. I had something like this last cycle but no blood. I’ll just have to be extra gentle when I brush my teeth and make sure I do my saline rinses.

So my family has talked me into watching “Peaky Blinders” on Netflix because they’re all into it and I must say, it’s quite a good show. It’s set in England’s industrial region during 1919 and it’s about a family crime mob. Everything about the show is well done, from the gritty slum-like sets to the costuming to the soundtrack. I watched the first two episodes of the first season today and I’ll probably tackle two more tomorrow. It’s a bit violent but the BBC, who produce the show, don’t go overboard with the gratuitous gore like Tarantino so I can mostly handle it.

Still waiting for my numbers to drop. My white blood cells are slow to fall this time and I may be here for longer than I’d hoped. I finally got some much-needed info out of my nurse earlier regarding the count level. Apparently they waiting for the white cell count to fall below 0.5. That’s their benchmark. Right now my count is 0.7, which is close but not yet in the zone, and it’s creeping down ridiculously slowly. *Sigh* I’d like a longer break this time but I may not get my wish. 😔

Time for bed. More later!