15 April, cycle 2B

Another beautifully gilded pink and gold morning. I enjoy watching the sun rise and the color wash over the landscape, turning from muted blues and purples to bright splashes of orange, pink and yellow. Maybe I’ll make a habit of this once I’m home – make a cup of coffee or tea and then park myself out on the back deck to greet the day. Well, providing it’s clear, that is!

My white cell count has reached the benchmark of 0.5. It’ll probably creep lower over the next couple of days and then we’ll see if the doc prescribes Granix or allows the count to recover naturally. My platelets are also falling but that’s because they, like the white blood cells, are relatively short-lived, only lasting for something like three to five days, and they’re very susceptible to the chemo. I don’t think I stand a chance of being discharged this weekend like Rory had hoped but maybe by the middle of next week. Waiting, waiting, waiting…

So this was funny. Today for lunch I ordered my usual Wednesday choice – spaghetti with meat sauce. Last week I had ordered the same but got a sub-par grill cheese sandwich instead. Today I once again ordered the pasta, hoping that the kitchen would get it right this time. When my tray arrived I was surprised to find not only the spaghetti, but a helping of lasagna as well! Neither one lasted very long. *BUUURRPP*😆

Food. Coma. Omg. All that pasta has made me sooooo very sleepy!

The rest of the day was spent watching movies and cruising my newsfeed and Facebook. I really should try to wean myself off social media – it doesn’t do me a whole lot of good and leaves me pissed off a significant portion of the time. I have an Instagram account that I rarely use, maybe I should try that instead. Yes, I know, Instagram is social media as well, but it isn’t as vitriolic as FB can be.