17 April, cycle 2B

Patience. Patience, patience, patience. My white blood cell count is falling sooooooo slowly it’s making me nuts. It’s down to 0.1 today and I’m anxious to start the Granix injections but I know what Dr. Santiago wants to see happen with the cell counts and I JUST WANT TO GO HOME. At this point, I don’t see getting out of the hospital until the end of next week, which gives me only nine full days of break. Breathe, Robin, just breathe…

OMG. AAARRRGGH!!!! The WiFi here at the hospital seriously sucks. I’ve been fighting with it over the past couple of days and it’s so bloody unstable that I have to keep reconnecting my phone and iPad multiple times a day. Not only that, but my calls also keep getting dropped, as do my FaceTime chats with my family. This is so incredibly frustrating! Honestly, if we as patients are banned from leaving our rooms, the least the hospital can do is provide decent, reliable connectivity. That’s my lifeline right now and without it, they may as well lock me up in the psych ward because I’ll be blibbering and drooling in a corner in a nanosecond.

The order has been given: The Granix injections start tomorrow. Dr. Santiago said this afternoon that at 0.1, there wasn’t much more downward movement that could be expected of my white blood cell count. YAY!!! That means that by Monday, I should start to see a noticeable uptick in the cell count and maybe, by midweek, just maybe… Well, we’ll see. 😊