18 April, cycle 2B

I received my first Granix injection today at noon. I don’t expect to see much if any change in my WBC cell by tomorrow morning but there should be s fairly significant jump by Monday morning. Once again, we wait for the results…

I can’t seem to get my mind off food: shopping for food, growing food, cooking food, EATING food, trying out new recipes… It’s one of the more pleasant distractions I use for maintaining what little remains of my sanity! I once again dived into the abyss of the internet today to hunt down a good recipe for roasted vegetable salsa and found one that looks pretty good. I can still remember the first time I tasted the fire-roasted salsa at Baja Fresh more than twenty years ago and it completely blew me away. Since then I’ve had better salsas but I’d still like to make a good version at home. I’ll probably tackle this once I’m home on break. It’s easy, tasty, and if kept in the fridge it should keep for about a week and it can be used on virtually anything, not just tortilla chips. YUM.

Not much more to report. The holding pattern continues and I’m counting the hours until I can be released.